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tv   The Kelly File  FOX News  March 22, 2016 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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so you can seize those moments, wherever you find them. flonase. six is greater than one changes everything. this night on the east coast, hillary clinton is talking right now about a big win in arizona. let's listen in. >> i want to thank my husband. i want to thank attorney general bob ferguson, state senator kevin ranker. i want to thank pam cipriona, the president of the american nurses' association. for endorsing me today.
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i'm so proud to be endorsed by the nurses of america. i want to thank elected officials here with us and i particularly want to pay tribute to this great high school. a great, great high school. you know, not only a champion of basketball and great result that the students here are getting. it makes me so proud to know what this is accomplishing and i will tell you if i am so fortunate to be your president, i want to be a partner with principals and students and families like the ones here at
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the beach. i'm also very grateful to all of our volunteers who are working so hard in this campaign across the great state and you're knocking down barriers and helping us make the point this is about both growing and sharing the promise of america. we are determined. we are determined that we're going to give back the hope that every american should have, that their hard work will get them head, enabling them to have a better future, give their children and yes, their grandchildren, the chance to live up to their god-given potential. that is what we want for america and that is what we're doing together in this campaign.
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you are all. you're all part of something bigger than yourselves. i'm sorry that all of the people outside could not be fit into this gymnasium. i saw the excitement they had and they understand what is at stake. i'm proud to have won in arizona
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tonight. it's exciting to see that result come in. you know, arizona, like washington, like a lot of the states, that are going to be expressing their views, and counting votes in the weeks ahead understand that this is not just a contest between different candidates. this is a contest between fundamentally different views of our country, our values, and our future. now, what we saw happen today in brussels, the horrible terrorist attacks reminds us of how high the stakes are. we live in a complex and dangerous world. and we need a commander in chief who can provide leadership that is strong, smart, and above all,
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steady in taking on these threats. the last thing we need my friends are leaders to incite more fears. in the face of terror, america doesn't panic. we don't build walls or turn our backs on our allies. we can't throw out everything we know about what works and doesn't and start torturing people and what donald trump and others are suggesting is not only wrong, it is dangerous. and we'll lead and defeat
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terrorism not us and our friends and allies. we'll take the fight to isis from the air, on the ground with local forces, and online, where they recruit and propaganda. we have to stop the flow of fighters, weapons and money and strengthen our defenses here at home. we need to work with our allies because that cooperation will help make our own country safe. that is what i will do as president. so this is yet another reason why this election really matters. and your hard work, your commitment, your optimism about what we can do together is what i am counting on. you know, we need to keep working together and make a point that we're going into the
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future with confidence and optimism. there is a lot of negativity, it's though we're not americans. nobody can beat us. they can't beat us if we're up to the game and willing to compete. if we go after what matters to ourselves and our country. that is why many people have joined this campaign and i want you to think about the next president, whoever it is, walking into the white house, well, well, i do believe i am the most-ready of anybody running to take this job.
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i know if the caucus saturday is an important milestone on this path to the nomination and electric and i am aware we have to work hard to convince people in washington, and i want you to ask people what they answer to the next president's three big tasks? number one, can you make a positive difference in the lives of americans? two, can you keep us safe and three, can you bring us together instead of driving us apart?
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each one of these matters to americans. a lot of people are frustrated and worried. a lot of people feel that their best days and therefore, our country's best days are behind us. and i want you to just for a minute put yourselves in their minds. think back. we had the worst financial crisis since the great depression. 9 million americans lost their jobs. 5 million homes were lost. $13 trillion in family wealth wiped out.
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a lot of americans haven't recovered from this. a lot of americans worry life is not going to be better for their kids. i want you to understand that. sometimes, when all we see is ugliness, mean spiritedness, and we see people running to be president of the united states who are inciting violence, it's easy to say i'm not going to pay attention to this. what i want you to know is that we've got to reclaim the promise of america for all of our people. every single one of them. to me, it includes standing up for unions and american labor
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movement. it is not just what you see, the roads, bridges, tunnels, ports, airports. it's what you don't see. the deteriorating water systems, the leaking pipelines. it's what we saw in flint, michigan. as horrible as that is, i wish i can tell you it's the only place. but it is not. children, 500,000 a year are affected by lead poisoning. it's important work that will put millions of americans to work and you can't export those jobs. they have to be done here in seattle. in washington, and across the
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united states. i was at everett today. and i met with machinistists. we've got to make sure we change incentives in our tax codes which unfortunately, encourages people to move jobs out of the country. we're going to take that on and make sure that we have advanced manufacturing and the good jobs that come with it, and we're going to start by making sure that the machinists and airy space workers are always making the best planes, doing the most advanced work of anybody in the world.
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and this is, i am proud, i began the work with president obama and our team that led to the paris agreement that made it possible for us to say this has to be a top global priority. if we don't fulfill it, it means nothing, just a piece of paper signed by 190 nations so we ve work to do and i'm proud of the work we did with president obama against republicans in congress, i will protect, and build on that work. we've got to go further. i want to see us deploy a half billion more solar panels by the end of my first term. and i want enough clean,
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renewable energy to power every home in america by the end of my second term. and we know how to take on big challenges in the country. i'm tired of the kokh brothers' manipulation of our political process. and let's do more for small businesses, particularly young people who want to start small businesses. and to thank your mayor and everybody fighting to raise the minimum wage in washington. we need to raise it on the federal level. it is wrong anyone working full time would be mired in poverty. two thirds of all minimum wage workers are women.
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let's guarantee equal pay for equal women's work. so i'm telling what i'm going to do. we're laying it out and we're going to do it together. every kyled in this country deserves a good teacher in a good school regardless of zip code that child lives in. >> secretary of state hillary clinton with a big win in arizona, a traditional stump speech in seattle in front of a very friendly table crowd there. looks like she's going to have a big night tonight.
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and arizona a big win tonight. >> let's bring in amy stoddard. you listen to hillary clinton's speech as it continues on in the evening, she's basically accusing him of fear mongering. it looked like that is something that may have pushed some people to vote for donald trump in arizona. >> we've seen her on the last several nights get past not having to deal with bernie sanders and get excited about solar panels. this is a woman contemplating unpredictability of donald trump's appeal.
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she's to say we're the best country, our best days are still ahead. and knowing that people are so afraid and i think she probably in september as two nominees doing far better than him in a policy debate. but that is not what the voters are asking for. and she knows she's going into unknown waters facing off in this heat. >> donald trump is closing in on potentially 50% in arizona. we don't know how the rest of the 35% of the precincts are going to come in but he's at 46% now. characterize what this means for
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trump going forward. >> she's able to get over 50% for the first time. that is a big dealn moving he can win a majority in the state. he's going to have to start doing that. but tonight, going in, he needed to win about 57% of delegates here throughout the end of the contest. and he might pick up more in utah. it's a very big deal. and in arizona, he's struggled in the pachlt. ted cruz is poised to do better in a place like utah. and if donald trump doesn't pick up a single delegate in utah, he's overperforming tonight. that lowers the percentage he has to win, younow in
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remaining contest going forward in order to get to 1237. if he gets to 1237 mark, we've talked about it. you know. it's going to be a very difficult time for republicans to take it away from him. if he's going ahead of everybody, and with the required number of delegates according to their rules. >> yes. especially when you look at where the map goes from here. those look at utah as the state where ted cruz has an obvious audience. >> right. utah will be interesting. he gets the delegates there and you're looking at 58 for trump and 40 for cruz. there are not a lot of opportunities on the calendar going forward. as much cruz talked about stopping trump at the ballot box, he can't.
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he knows that. and i think if trump gets to 1237 delegates before the convention and he can, i don't think he can do anything. i think that the contested convention plan is in place in the event he doesn't get a majority. and to win going forward he's in a good position to get to the threshold needed. >> thank you very much. >> these are the last two contests for a couple weeks. then, you have wisconsin. this sits in the so that is a big deal. >> so we're waiting for returns
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. welcome back, donald trump pulling off a victory on the republican side, hillary clinton the win on the democratic side and bill hemmer is on his side by the wall, here, and he's got analysis. >> where else would you be at 12:24? >> how does that compare with trump's more-commanding victories and massachusetts is still number one. boston, 39.3%. just a tick below 40%. number two, trump, down here in florida just about a week ago. right? 45% almost 46%. 3 and 4, mississippi running around the floor and alabama is number four at the moment. so there is a lot of analysis.
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utah coming in after 1:00. you're here in the month of march and april 5th, another big test. it is not winner take all. if you go more than 50% in new york, at the big batch at 95% if you can get there. after new york you've got some contests here. it's rhode island, connecticut, and maryland, 71 in the state of
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pennsylvania getting cleser to that. if there is still a question as to who will be the nominee, we move to june. in june, this is a big date. june 7th of all days. and in california, look at this. 172 delegates in california. ted cruz had been talking big about california in the last week or so. based on polling trump has a lead about 10 points. and if we get that far, i'm saying good night. >> is there something more permanent? >> thank you. let's bring in our campaign cowboys, chris wallace, karl
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rove and joe trippi. so chris, tu. . >> i want to thank bill hemmer for creating such excitement for our coverage tonight. i want to bring in joe as well as carl. we heard hillary clinton live to clinton's speech and her abilities as a general election candidate. >> if you consider the past speeches this was a far more unified, central speech than she's given in the last couple weeks. she was talking about jailing
9:29 pm
student loan company executives. and tonight i'm glad we have been endorsed and we need to come together as a country. and she's closer than are the republicans and she's smart to do this. >> your thoughts about the way she's going after trump? is that the right path at this point? >> it's the right thing to solidify her base and dwell on some of the things republicans are concerned about. we're 2 or 3 months away from being in a place either side can get work from a general election. things that work in prime yar
9:30 pm
yeez don't work in primary elections. >> we're going to talk about hillary clinton's message tonight and whether that is the right message. >> i think karl is right. general election voters are a different animal than primary voters are. you have real partisan divide in the primaries and in that extent, just to talk in her unifying message we're better together and pushing off of donald trump's divisive rhetoric is painting her into the corner. it's helpful that the republicans are having that fight internally now and so that helps and she's defining a force
9:31 pm
that is good for her. that is what they want. and so she's doing the right thing by turning that direction in. >> i want to thank you both. i want to point out as you heard bill talking about new york coming up in the month of april, you can be sure remember, ted cruz was attacking trump and saying he was out of step with his new york values? do you think maybe donald trump will talk about new york values when running in new york? >> it's possible. new york values. you guys, campaign cowboys we value you. have a good morning and enjoy your spots around the country. coming up, we'll talk about the other big story of the day, the
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fox news alert, a massive manhunt in belgium after a terrorist attack targeted a train station and airport
9:36 pm
terminal. now, isis is claiming responsibility for the carnage. let's bring in major general matthew c horner distinguished chair of military university. jillian, first to you. what exactly is going on now as they're trying to follow up on these threats in the investigation and trying to get what appears to be the third man in the photo we saw from the airport? >> right now there is a massive scramble across the eu between law enforcement and intelligence communities to tri to coordinate in this search for the outstanding terrorists. this is now a prime focus, everybody is hopeful they'll come to a conclusion but nobody
9:37 pm
can say for sure, now. >> talk to us about the expansion of isis. what this attack shows. the fact it was so coordinated and hit at the heart of brussels, the home to the eu and to nato. and what that says about isis. >> they have decided to attack the equivalent of the capitol of europe. this is the washington of the eu and nato. the european parliament. they're hitting a very, very symbolic target and clearly exploiting the central enclave where there are high concentration of muslim residents. >> inside of this white house, what do you think is going on?
9:38 pm
obviously, the president has been in cuba and now, in argentina. what do you think the talk is about finding isis? >> i think the national security council is converging meetings around the clock and the president has been receiving briefings in belgium today which is reassuring that most of the day has been struggling to answer the president's notable absence of comments and concerns on today's terrorist attack. we're hoping tomorrow he'll ish eye a statement and perhaps marks on the issue. >> when you look at the president, what do you think about the response and reaction?
9:39 pm
are the critics right about the emotion? the tone? >> i think they are. i hope they'd be different and would have used it as an opportunity to show leadership and so spine and stand up to the threat. yet again, less than a minute on the threat. so this is a real threat to america and our allies. we have had 90 individuals arrested or killed on u.s. soil. this is not something that with be waived off or delayed. he's maintaining this narrative that we're winning and isis is contained. >> thank you very much. >> that is the other big story of the night which is of primary races and donald trump and hillary clinton taking home victories with arizona.
9:40 pm
donald trump taking home all 58 of the republican democrats allotted in arizona. hillary clinton putting new distance between herself and senator sanders. >> we're counting down, counting down, to the next wave of results. the uh republican caucus set to close at the top of the hour. you're watching fox news live in new york.
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donald trump taking home the winner take all state of arizona. ted cruz coming in second there. and texas senator sitting down with bill o'reilly tonight, talking about chances in the republican race and the aattacks by donald trump. >> is a delegate battle to get to 1237. >> right. >> i'm only candidate that can get to 1237. >> you have to win california decisively.
9:45 pm
>> the last field polls had us in first place. >> head to head polling shows us up donald trump. >> i agree kasich wants to stick around but it's mathematically impossible. >> it is. he wants to be in a convention conversation. >> here is the dynamic. okay? he's going to lose in utah, arizona and in two weeks he's going to lose in wisconsin. he won his home state. >> when you start losing your money runs out. at this point, what he is doing doesn't make sense unless is he the vice president. >> when trump turns to the
9:46 pm
kid -- >> donald is a very simple man to understand. he gets rattled when beaten and when scared he begins yelling, insulting and cursing. the more upset donald gets. >> do you get upset when he calls you a liar? >> no. because that is who he is. >> you don't take it seriously. >> the bizarre thing, he can say one thing at 8:00 in the morning, something different at noon. at 3:00 when you point out what he said at 8:00 a.m. he screams liar, liar. you can quote him. the bizarre thing if he took a lie detector test, he believes what he is saying and three hours later he believes it then, also. >> ted cruz back. let's bring back tucker carlson. you know they think cruz is
9:47 pm
positioned to cruz in utah. the question is if they can get to 50%. but let's say he does that. is the story line then tomorrow, that there is still a chance that ted cruz can stop donald trump? the trump train from getting to 1237? >> it's possible for sure. and i think very implausible he gets a majority himself. just look at the math. the next week, that is a 267 delegate delegates. and looks like the unity ticket is getting harder to imagine
9:48 pm
just because of how personal attacks have gotten. so i don't know. i've been on before. >> this is an interesting development i think demographically in the west. there is still rural areas and so they're trying to figure out a way to hold on to western values as well as participate in the new economy and grow certain types of jobs. they don't like the heavy hand of the federal government and so i think that you look at someone like donald trump, able to win in almost every part of the country, tonight he can be strong in the west. the libertarian streak in the
9:49 pm
west as well, sort of leave me alone. obama's executive orders offend them greatly. i don't know if that will carry on into the northwestern state. for now, i think that a showing of strong western values in the middle of the different changing economy is an important point to look at in the west going forward. >> being patient and standing in line appears to be a western value. >> we'll take a quick break. >> we come back, final thoughts from our panel and utah caucuses expected to close. latest election results when our special coverage continues, next. price. well, staples has low prices and a price match guarantee. i took a body language class once and the way you're standing could mean you're hiding something. oh! uh, staples has low prices. okay, now you're shouting... [laughing] we can hear ya! the lowest price. every time. staples. make more happen.
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. .
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paving the way for many great supreme court justices, juan. he is fighting the general election battle already. saying the supreme court is a big deal. >> well, obviously it's on the
9:54 pm
tab table, with mitch mcconnell saying no hearings, no way. it's where he talks about the parties need to come together. because mitt romney, who i think has become the flag bearer for the gop establishment anti-trump forces is going to claim he did very well in utah tonight, that he led cruz to victory. he at one point sided with john kasich, then switched apparently to ted cruz in utah. and he seems to have brought cruz home to the win. where do we go from here? there's still a lot of money on the table from anti-trump forces. you heard karl rove say two-thirds of the delegates -- did he say two-thirds? something like that, even as trump continues to rise, and looks more likely than ever to get to 1237. >> steve, he's obviously working to build his conservative -- he's talking about the supreme court justices, his foreign policy advisers this week, all things that people have been really begging him to do for the last couple of months.
9:55 pm
>> i think his foreign policy advisers have people scratching their heads. but his single best argument is the supreme court argument. there was some talk earlier tonight about the possibility of the republican establishment taking away the nomination, or trying to wrest it from donald trump if he gets to 1,237. if he gets there, he's the nominee. it would be insane for anybody to try to take it away from him if he gets the requisite number. just to be clear, i think that would be totally crazy. >> tucker, on the democratic side, is there pressure for bernie sanders to get out of this race. >> how much pressure could they exert. hillary held her delegates all the way to the convention. the republican party is not coming together, it's broken. it will bear very little resemblance to what we've known in the past. >> i agree with that. and parties evolve. they need to. and this eneed to keep pace with the changes of the country.
9:56 pm
and what looked like the republican party we knew four years ago, and four years from now, i don't know what it will look like. >> bernie sanders, it's about how he campaigns going forward. pressure to get him out. if he simply says we need to come together as a party and i can bring these young people to hillary, that's a different story. >> panel, thank you. >> stay tuned. because we're going to find out what happened in utah as with ehand it-. that does it for us tonight. good to be with you, brett. >> good to be with you. we continue our special coverage. still waiting for the results from utah. for all of us here in america's election headquarters, have a great night. it's not over yet, though. need to hire fast?
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we actively manage with expertise and conviction. so you can invest with more certainty. mfs. that's the power of active management. the donald trump steam roller in this primary rolls on with a decisive winner take all win tonight in arizona. hello, everyone, i'm eric. >> and i'm heather with the latest results of tuesday's presidential primary and caucus races in arizona, utah, and idaho. >> a busy night. >> here's what we know at this hour. so far for you, donald trump pulling all 58 republican delegates in his win column. the republican race in utah has yet to be called. on the democratic side, hillary clinton also scoring big in the grand canyon state, with 75 new delegates to her name. >> this campaigns


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